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meme and utility together

$Warren is a Dog Themed Crypto Investment Fund

Inspired by The Legendary Investor Warren Buffet, On Arbitrum Chain.



Top reasons to invest in $Warren

Generate passive income from multiple revenue streams
Gain a diverse portfolio of multiple crypto currency’s.
Unique vault structures and revenue streams.
Potential to launch your projects safely.
Drives additional TVL to investors.

Couple more

Launch-pack services earn vault fees as a revenue stream for $Warren holders.
Peace of mind Launch-pack services.
Your potential for growth.
Comprehensive risk management of assets.
Dedicated and involved support team.
Team members are investors.
Valued community involvement.
Have fun!
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Version of website

Problems but none of them isn't $Warren

Starting mcap

This fund is for “$Warren” holders and future NFT owners. The fund is the ultimate way to profit together with a community focus.

This fund uses a Vault that turns the community into a call channel where we invest in projects together and shill them on Twitter and Telegram.

$Warren vault is a perfect option if you dont have time to search new projects or chart watch. The vault offers passive income without the daily worry.


Quarter 1 2023

Launch The Token on Arbitrum
Develop a V1 webpage
Launch our Vault
Make our first Investment
Open up our social media channels
100 holders
Create a professional team for warren


Happening now

Quarter 2 2023

Release of our V2 website
More investments
Report of previous investments
launch of the Warren Card
Launch of the incubator program
1000 holders


In process

Quarter 3 2023

Release V3 website
NFT Release
More investments
Investment tracker
10 000 Holders


In Future

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to switch ETH to ETH Arbitrum.

1. Go to
2. Connect your wallet
3. Use the ETH bridge at
4. Swap (transaction takes around 15 minutes)

2. How to move your BNB to Eth Arbitrum!

Find a secure bridge like Stargate Finance to transfer tokens from BNB to Arbitrum.

1. Connect your MetaMask or alternative Web3 wallet to Stargate.

2. Select the token you want to transfer from BNB Chain to Arbitrum.

3. Input the token amount you want to send.

4. Confirm the transfer and wait 2 minutes for tokens to arrive on the Arbitrum Layer 2 network.

Supporting Each Others to Grow

We will invest in safe projects which we find from private and alpha groups.

Join the Real Community


USDC Rewards


More Incoming

Copyright © $Warren 2023. All Rights Reserved.